About Us

About Us

Easy Booking Process

We have optimized the booking process so that our clients can experience the easiest and the safest service!

Convenient Pick-Up & Return Process

By following a few company's policy rules, you get to pick up and return the vehicle in a simple and convenient way.

Some Questions

Most asked questions

Yes all scooters have safety helmet, that you will be able to buy with the scooter for R75 per helmet. You can also order a extra helmet.

We do not provide scooters that will have child seats only scooters that accomidates grown two people 

We do our best to provide a safe travel experince for our customers. We also provide routes that you can take when you hire one of our scooters.

There are no additional local fees the only fees that needs to be payed is the fees for the rental of the scooter and petrol and any extras we offer.

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